1. I normally don’t write extensive captions describing photos. I like to think that a photo i make can speak for itself. This photo is different. While it might just appear as a simply composed portrait for me so much is capture in the image.

    This is a photograph that is very dear to me. The subject was the centre of my world from the age of 12 when we first met on Valentines Day and through the following 10 years. I did learn a lot of life lessons from this relationship which spread from the early years of adolescences and into the beginning of my adult life.

    The taking and developing of this photo was seperated by about a year and half the world. By the time i was standing in a freezing darkroom on the other side of the earth it had ended even though i hadn’t realized it yet. Nothing is static, everything is plastic. Things inevitably change. Slowly but surely we both changed from two kids completely immersed in our first true love story to the adults we are now. The people we once where is nothing but a distant memory.

    It took me a long time to accept that the person I loved doesn’t exist anymore. She’s a different person now and I struggled with that. All I have is fond memories of a relationship which was a definitive factor in shaping the person I have grown to be. I’m content with that, It’s all part of the journey I guess.

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