1. Some more bangers from the found films.

  2. Time capsule shit. Scanned Ilford FP3 negatives from 1952 (Maybe, I found the negs wrapped up in a dated receipt). Part 1.

  3. Found these guys at an antique store in Pretoria, ZA. Pretty sure they stopped making HP3 well before my time. Inside was developed film wrapped in hand written receipts from 1952. Scanning these suckers up. Mad excited about these little time capsules.

  4. And before we knew it we were back in the dark continent. After the taxi drivers tried to sell us shitty weed before we even got out the doors of the airport we wander across the street to wait for a lift. Smoking the cheapest cigarettes I’ve ever bought we stood around staring at each other, laughing about how ridiculous it was that us two idiots were back in Africa. With our lift running on Africa time we took in the early morning sun and conversed with the strange assortment of characters airports seem to collect in their immediate vicinity. Never thought I’d meet a stranded Zimbabwean who wanted nothing more then to see Kylie Minogue & Yothu Yindi do a collab.

  5. Sponno’s first cray of the season

  6. Today’s finds from a wander through the bush

  8. The last few days have been particularly fun. Skateparks, trails & snorkelling. Snaps of myself and Sponno having fun in the sunnnnn.

  9. More Royal show snaps. Fucking stoked its all over. 

  10. Perth Royal Show 2014. Pinelli, Massy and Robbo doing their thing.

  11. Termites and brightly coloured jumping spider I found on todays adventures


  12. Back in the country. Afrika was insane. Sorting through a metric fuck ton of visual goodies. Back to regular uploads as well.  Stay tuned